The Health Innovators Show: Greatest Hits, Volume 2021



You know the old saying: “Another year, another collection of insights from health innovators who really know their sh*t.”

I’m ecstatic that 2021 has marked our third year bringing you this video podcast show. I’m more ecstatic that our interviews continue to be interesting, valuable, and sometimes even mind-blowing.

That’s why we wrapped it all up into one place. Here’s every episode we aired in 2021–36 of them, to be exact. If you like the teasers, check out the link to watch or listen to the full episode. (Or find them anywhere you listen to podcasts.)

Let’s do this.


1. Uncovering problem and solution fit on a startup budget

with Eric Dai


Eric Dai from Bio Launch at the University of Pennsylvania knows a few things about establishing problem and solution awareness — and how that works with product-market fit.

One of the keys to being “seen” is by helping people first. You’ll never make money if you’re not providing a product or service that fills a need or solves a problem.

Intrigued? We were. So we invited Eric to come on the show and talk to us about the enormous impact transparency, positivity, and balanced relationships have on problem-solution awareness.

Watch or listen to Eric’s full episode here.


2. D2C: How to solve gaps in your commercialization path

with Elizabeth Ruzzo



The first rule of successful commercialization is mapping out your path. The second rule is understanding when you have to adjust direction.

Where to start; where to go; whether your product caters to consumers, providers, payers, or all three can change over the course of your commercialization journey.

Dr. Elizabeth Ruzzo knows this first hand and she brought us the scoop on how her startup was able to not only meet a need, but make that solution enticing to both customers and payers alike.

Watch or listen to Elizabeth’s full episode here.


3. Sell small. Sell early.

with Mayur Saxena

Having a mission and vision are par for the course with healthcare entrepreneurs. Staying focused on your mission while growing and scaling your startup, though, that’s where it can get tricky.

Mayur Saxena can tell us all a thing or two about leveraging sales and growing a scalable startup — he’s done just that with his company Droice Labs.

He talked about key strategies he put into place that helped him bring 50 healthcare systems on board. And, come on, 50? That’s amazing!

Watch or listen to Mayur’s full episode here.


4. Data liberation: The next wave of healthcare innovation

with Chuck Hazzard, Francesco Lucarelli & Sarah Badahman


Understanding how data shapes strategies and business models can be one of the most important keys to success that a healthcare entrepreneur can access.

On our latest Executive Briefing, we talk to a new panel featuring Francesco Lucarelli, Chief Commercial Officer and Partner at HCB Health, Chuck Hazzard, VP of Wearables and Integrations at Heads Up Health, and Sara Badahman, CEO and Founder of HIPAAtrek.

We discussed everything from interoperability to health information exchange (HIE) to help identify data that can build strategies and tactics which any innovator can deploy in their commercialization process.

Watch or listen to the full episode here.


5. Your golden opportunity: Challenges

with Heather Underwood



Proving efficacy in a healthcare setting can be hard. Try to do so with a pediatric solution and you can have your work cut out for you.

But when it comes to commercialization challenges, Heather Underwood, CEO of EvoEndo, sees each one as an opportunity.

With a career that reaches across continents, she’s learned a thing or two (or a thousand) about how to be creative when commercializing her solutions — and be successful while doing it.

Watch or listen to Heather’s full episode here.


6. How to connect the dots through storytelling

with Bettina Hein



Commercialization can be tricky. Try to commercialize across different business spaces and it gets a bit trickier — but it sure isn’t impossible.

Just ask Bettina Hein, our latest guest and “shark” from the Swiss version of Shark Tank (“Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”).

She’s successfully commercialized companies in the automotive and video marketing spaces, and has recently started another venture in the healthcare space — and is successful at doing it all! If commercialization is proving more difficult than you expected, then you’re going to want to tune in to this episode.

Watch or listen to Bettina’s full episode here.


7. Commercializing med device in a prehospital setting

with John Keane



John Keane considers himself a commercial strategy kind of guy — and with 35 product launches under his belt, we’re inclined to agree.

To reach that level of commercialization success, it takes a lot of expertise and an enviable ability to listen to stakeholders at every stage.

But he did it — and when he agreed to come on our show and talk to us about his experiences and insights around the med-tech and healthcare market, we were nothing short of thrilled.

Watch or listen to John’s full episode here.


8. The data biome: Difference between valuable data and noise

with Brent Wright, Howard Rosen & Jeffrey Carlisle



Data is — and always will be — a chaotic neutral (meaning sometimes, it can be incredibly valuable, and at other times, simply noise).

Understanding which healthcare data collected has value and which is noise? That’s where the real work begins.

Jeffrey Carlisle, CEO at Pneuma Systems Corporation; Howard Rosen, CEO and Founder of LifeWIRE; and Brent Wright, Associate Dean for Rural Health Innovation at the University of Louisville, join me for a discussion that centers on the data biome and understanding how data value works in healthcare.

Watch or listen to the full episode here.


9. Creating value for everyone in the value chain

with Dave Dolan



If creating value is foundational to a successful business, creating value for everyone in the value chain is the Holy Grail.

Dave Dolan, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of MultiFunctional Imaging, knows what it means to create value — he’s one of those rare entrepreneurs who achieved the “Holy Grail.”

In this episode, Dave discusses business models and roadmaps that can help entrepreneurs “cross the chasm” to success — like building and cultivating KOL (key opinion leader) relationships or getting better at co-creating with your customers.

Watch or listen to Dave’s full episode here.


10. Your North Star: How to pivot without getting lost

with Angela Fusaro



Being familiar with gaps in healthcare, especially around access to convenient and cost-effective care, can be motivating.

And it is precisely that familiarity with the lack of social equity in access to care that has motivated Dr. Angela Fusaro’s entry into the healthcare solution market.

Leveraging a career in emergency medicine and a passion for education, Dr. Fusaro identified a need and built an answer within the existing community pharmacy network. From pivoting to iterating your sales strategy to seeking out a mentor who fits your current phase of commercialization, you’ll find her insights both timely and actionable.

Watch or listen to Angela’s full episode here.


11. Steps to increase your likelihood of commercial success

with Brent Wright, Howard Rosen & Jeffrey Carlisle


Building a successful business can sometimes feel like climbing Mount Everest — daunting at best and impossible without the right gear.

Understanding the steps and strategies to build a successful business is a bit like following a trail. Sure, it takes skill, but it’s not rocket science — so long as we don’t get lost in the weeds.

Jeffrey Carlisle, CEO at Pneuma Systems Corporation; Howard Rosen, CEO and Founder of LifeWIRE; and Brent Wright, Associate Dean for Rural Health Innovation at the University of Louisville, join me again for another roundtable discussion on how we can cultivate the right gear necessary for getting back on track and building more successful businesses.

Watch or listen to the full episode here.


12. Social proof: How to generate a sonic boom

with Joe Brown



How did Joe turn March 2020, his worst sales month ever, into April 2020, his best sales month ever — despite the pandemic?

Well, building a successful business during a pandemic takes a little bit of luck, a whole lot of creativity, and the skill to see the potential in every situation.

From hiring the right teams to pivoting during times of uncertainty, every decision you make is a “make-or-break” decision — especially when the market is in turmoil.

Watch or listen to Joe’s full episode here.


13. Healthcare consumerism: Growth drivers, restraints, and trends

with Brent Wright, Howard Rosen & Jeffrey Carlisle


There are many trends out there that play key roles in how healthcare consumerism might experience growth or restraint. Understanding how they all work together is a bit of a challenge, but it’s one we’re talking through in this panel discussion.

Jeffrey Carlisle, CEO at Pneuma Systems Corporation; Howard Rosen, CEO and Founder of LifeWIRE; and Brent Wright, Associate Dean for Rural Health Innovation at the University of Louisville join me again for another roundtable discussion of all things innovation.

Have you ever wondered how factors such as inequality, access, the FDA — or even our own understanding of the solutions we bring to market — might hamper progress or push digital health and innovation forward? If so, buckle up: this ride’s for you.

Watch or listen to the full episode here.


14. 100 conversations: How to spot a pivotal ‘aha’ moment

with Josh Oppenheimer


You could have the most pivotal and impactful solution to come to market in decades — but if your market fit isn’t right, or is off — even just a little — that could mean failure.

Conversations with your customers can be the key to making sure your solution hits the market exactly where it needs to be for your target audience to utilize it.

Dr. Josh Oppenheimer can tell you a story or two about the importance of those conversations. (Hint: because if you have 99 of them, the 100th could reveal your ‘aha’ moment!)

Watch or listen to Josh’s full episode here.


15. The ‘PayPal’ of healthcare: How to build an innovation customers will use

with Timothy Kelley


The process is well known: before you learn to run, you learn to walk. And before you learn to walk, you learn to crawl. So why do so many entrepreneurs start at the end and develop a technology first, only to then be challenged with finding a problem and forcing them to fit?

When it comes to healthcare technology, Timothy Kelley, CEO of TeleRay, has some experience in this process. There’s a lot of innovation out there that’s technically advanced, and could be very powerful — but it’s not user-friendly or practical, and that means it’s not used as intended.

And while it may sound like a paradox, crawling first, though slower than running, will get you where you need to be faster: in a better position for market adoption.

Watch or listen to Timothy’s full episode here.


16. 4 critical strategies you might be missing

with Aaron Enten



Whether you’re looking to dive deep into customer discovery, uncover (track or change) valuable KPIs, or pitch an investor, there are many strategies you can utilize based on the path you take.

And, knowing when, who, how, and why you’re making decisions when commercializing your company is only half your goal — you need to know how to use the data you’re collecting.

When it comes to data and scientific research, Aaron Enten knows enough to know he doesn’t know it all — and he’s here to explain why that is and how you can move your company forward.

Watch or listen to Aaron’s full episode here.


17. Patient co-creation: How to play the long game with novel tech in healthcare

with Robert Niichel


Bringing about game-changing solutions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space takes patience, drive, and determination. It also takes the canny ability to play chess with marketing — you really need to look at the long game.

Robert Niichel is a master at playing three steps ahead and he sits down to discuss what it’s like to play that game with a product you know is going to change the market.

From development to commercialization to marketing, Robert has the scoop on timing and focus that could be the game-changing combination other entrepreneurs are looking for.

Watch or listen to Robert’s full episode here.


18. Old dog, new tricks: Taking innovative technology mainstream

with Peter T. Bianco


When it comes to innovative technology, the healthcare space has always been notoriously slow, making them the proverbial “old dog.”

But when you have a “new trick” with data backing up its efficacy, sometimes that old dog sits up and takes notice. Just ask Peter Bianco, Founder & Chairman at

Peter takes the time to highlight his commercialization journey — one that utilized serendipity, strategic steps, and innovative vision on its way to disproving that old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Watch or listen to Peter’s full episode here.


19. Uplevel consumer engagement: Getting up close and personal with digital health

with Kathleen Ellmore


Consumer behavior can be fickle, change on a whim, or be influenced by unseen stressors that most folks on the outside may not ever consider.

That makes it difficult to get to the heart of what really drives those behaviors — that is, unless you know how to weigh and measure stressors and trends and reach your customers.

When it comes to nailing down consumer health behavior and driving more positive choices, Kathleen Ellmore knows the deal. Using real-world examples and serving them up in common settings, she shows our listeners and viewers how to truly drive customer engagement.

Watch or listen to Kathleen’s full episode here.


20. Big crisis, little crisis. Keeping your shit together.

with Charly & Richard Jaffe


What if there were a way to turn the many crises an entrepreneur faces into a catalyst for success? Understanding where and when to stop, breathe, and analyze a crisis is difficult when you’re in the thick of it.

Charly and Richard Jaffe, a father-daughter team, have co-authored Turning Crisis into Success: A Serial Entrepreneur’s Lessons on Overcoming Challenge While Keeping Your Sh*t Together — a book that does just what the title states: shows you how to leverage crises.

Charming, informational, and packed full of insights and inspiration, Charly and Richard discuss their book and light a path through some of the darker moments of running a startup.

Watch or listen to Charly & Richard’s full episode here.


21. What successful followers do: Time-to-market decisions

with Kevin Dillard



Throwing risk to the wind, Kevin Dillard left his job as in-house counsel for the American Association of Orthodontists to launch Clear Blue Smiles.

Knowing he could make a positive difference for both orthodontists and patients was his foundation — and a keen nose for strategic marketing was his ace in the hole.

With over 18 years in the industries he served, Kevin hit the market late — but with all the right strategies in place, and he is making his mark in a big way.

Watch or listen to Kevin’s full episode here.


22. It’s not about you — it never was

with David Fishbach



David Fishbach, Founder and Principal at Excel Executive Business Advisors knows a thing or two about how a startup can increase its chances for success.

Using his extensive experience in the technology, life science, and healthcare fields, he walks our listeners and viewers through the ways a customer’s experience drives success.

Entrepreneurs and startups who are looking for a strong market entry — and exit strategy — for their innovation should take note: it’s not about you, it never was. It’s all about your customer.

Watch or listen to David’s full episode here.


23. How to build a better lemonade stand

with Dave Whelan



When asked for his take on the subject of product-market fit, Dave Whelan, CEO of BioscienceLA, brought a “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” approach to the table.

Using a simple lemonade stand as a metaphor for startups, Dave breaks down product-market fit using target markets, pricing, and product solutions in an easily digestible example.

His decades-long experience in many branches of the healthcare industry has helped him hone his unique and effective understanding of how product-market fit and commercialization work.

Watch or listen to Dave’s full episode here.


24. Find your joy: The link between health and entrepreneurial success

with Martin Pazzani



Martin Pazzani, Chairman and Founder of Act!vate Brain and Body and author of Secrets of Aging Well: GET OUTSIDE, literally wrote the book on the link between mental and physical aging.

Decades-long experience in health improvement, and a personal passion for entrepreneurship and exercise, has helped Martin illustrate the link between activity and success.

The value of exercise and reforming social connections isn’t hard to understand — but recognizing how those actions impact the success of an entrepreneur can be challenging. So if you’re one of the many entrepreneurs who thinks working longer and harder is the key to success, your mind, body, and company need you to watch this episode!

Watch or listen to Martin’s full episode here.


25. Be encouraged: How to grow a positive culture from day 1

with Derrick Miles



Diving into a new idea in a downturned economy can be downright shocking. Especially if you’ve never been on the entrepreneurial end of things!

Derrick Miles, CEO and President of CourMed left corporate America on the edge of one of the shakiest markets in recent memory and turned a turkey of circumstances into a golden goose.

He created a business model that encourages leadership, positivity, and understands the long-term value of investing in strategic marketing tactics.

Watch or listen to Derrick’s full episode here.


26. Pivoting your way to profit

with Lydia Zeller


When you pair the intelligence of digital technology with the human touch, the opportunity to revolutionize how your consumers interact with your product skyrockets.

Lydia Zeller, CEO at Kiio, pursued the idea of being a true partner with their B2B members and then doubled down on gathering hard ROI and delivering tangible outcomes.

From product design and development to funding and all the way through commercialization, Kiio has perfected their secret sauce — and are ready to revolutionize musculoskeletal care.

Watch or listen to Lydia’s full episode here.


27. Breaking through the status quo and dethroning incumbents

with Brent Wright, Howard Rosen and Jeffrey Carlisle


Sometimes we like to shake it up a little — okay, a lot, like in this episode when we go completely loose-cannon and host a panel discussion on a variety of topics.

If you’re struggling with the status quo, facing an uphill battle against industry incumbents, or simply trying to navigate your way through consolidation, this is where you want to be!

Jeffrey Carlisle, CEO at Pneuma Systems Corporation, Howard Rosen, CEO and Founder of LifeWIRE, and Brent Wright, Associate Dean for Rural Health Innovation at University of Louisville join us for a roundtable discussion of all things innovation.

Watch or listen to the full episode here.


28. How proper positioning increases your chances of success

with George Makhoul



When it comes to strategies, there are many different types you can utilize when commercializing an innovation. But what happens when the market throws a curveball you, nor your investors, were expecting?

George Makhoul, CEO and CCO of Biom’up says that with a bit of grit, drive, and belief you can creatively — and successfully — commercialize a product, even during a pandemic.

Whether driving adoption or securing a champion, George explains how, when it all comes down to it, investors simply invest — it’s up to the innovator to work on the commercialization.

Watch or listen to George’s full episode here.


29. How to turn the focus from tech-centered to customer-centered

with Steve Sapot


One of the most critical components of a successful startup is the startup’s understanding of their customer — but what happens if you’ve got a tech-centered origin?

Making the investment in customer discovery is hard enough, but it gets even tougher when the data you dig up warns that you might be on the wrong path — and need to pivot your focus.

Steve Sapot, Perimeter Medical Imaging AI’s Chief Commercial Officer, used customer discovery strategies to quickly reveal his organization’s need to shift its focus.

Armed with the strong leadership necessary for such a challenge, the Perimeter team rolled up their sleeves and began the work of pivoting their strategy, and are now primed for success.

Watch or listen to Steve’s full episode here.


30. “Discovering” the key to building a successful startup

with Jason Mellad


There’s a 95% failure rate for go-to-market innovations. You’d think that resources, tools, templates, and an abundance of accelerator programs would equal a higher success rate.

But the flood of resources might be exactly what holds the success rate down for innovators trying to bring solutions to the market.

Jason Mellad of Start Codon, a UK-based accelerator, has experience both inside and outside of the US markets. Among many other insights, he shares the best approach to take with a potential investor — what attitude, knowledge, position you need to bring to the table to secure funding.

Watch or listen to Jason’s full episode here.


31. How Amazon’s growth principles apply to healthcare

with Steve Anderson, author of The Bezos Letters


Steve Anderson’s interest in technology was so compelling, he left his career in insurance to build his own business helping other companies make sense of all our technology.

After discovering early shareholder letters penned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, he began making the connections between cutting-edge technology, customer obsession, and Amazon’s success.

The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon is the result of those letters and Steve’s research on the guiding principles that helped build a trillion-dollar company.

Watch or listen to Steve’s full episode here.


32. De-risk your startup: The academic-entrepreneur advantage

with Nicola Brown


Sometimes, being an entrepreneur can keep you so busy, you wake up one day and wonder just how the heck you got where you are. But when you build an organization with a culture steeped in customer discovery and research, you start to see the patterns.

Nicola Brown, founder of KOKORO, explains to our viewers how patterns, research, and customer discovery are vital components to her company’s philosophy around healthcare and wellbeing.

Refreshing and candid, Nicola’s animated discussion about the drops and gains she’s experienced over the last three years is sure to resonate with health innovators worldwide.

Watch or listen to Nicola’s full episode here.


33. One critical thing you need to increase adoption

with Gunter Wessels


What’s a company to do in the pandemic-spurred digital environment? How are you supposed to be able to commercialize or sell your product when you can’t even meet with your prospects?

It’s enough to send your blood pressure soaring and the muscles in your neck twitching — if you don’t know the secret sauce.

So, take a deep breath and listen to what Gunter Wessels, Co-founder of LiquidSmarts, has to say about value-based selling, marketing, and communication in a digital environment.

Watch or listen to Gunter’s full episode here.


34. Is building culture that important in the early days of a startup?

with Erik Osland


When it comes to building a startup, paying attention to the culture you build isn’t the first thing on your mind — but it should be.

There is a lot of work that goes into what entrepreneurs do — and a startup is only going to be as good — and healthy — as its employees. Build a positive culture and you’ll have positive outcomes.

Just ask Erik Osland of EvolvedMD. He built a successful business using core values that include support, self-care, training, and creating a culture that benefits both customers and employees.

Watch or listen to Erik’s full episode here.


35. Undertaking the risks necessary to grow your innovation

with Frank Ricotta



Having 30+ years in the business can give you more insights than a person has a right to — but it won’t give you all the answers.

And when you’re trying to reshape the future of healthcare with a product that harnesses the power of machine learning and puts data back into the customer’s hands, you’re pushing limits.

Limits can be unforgiving, but humility and tenacity can win the day, hands down. Come hear how Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ, is changing the world — one data set at a time.

Watch or listen to Frank’s full episode here.


36. Our own pivot: Why we’re rebranding the show

with yours truly


When you’re an entrepreneur, sometimes, it’s harder to see the forest for the trees. Especially when you’re a tree in the very forest you’re examining.

Now for the good news: it’s normal and it’s fixable — so long as you’re willing to do the hard, honest work it will take to identify problems and make the changes necessary to fix them.

On this episode, we shook things up a bit and interviewed our own Dr. Roxie Mooney on her decision to change the name of her podcast from COIQ with Dr. Roxie to The Health Innovators Show.

Dr. Roxie gives us the backstory on COIQ and why a name change “just made sense.”

Watch or listen to the full episode here.