One critical thing you need to increase adoption w/ Gunter Wessels



The pandemic has changed the way we all do business - our tried and true methods have been tested and found to be lacking in this new digital environment.

But what’s a company to do? How are you supposed to be able to commercialize or sell your product when you can’t even meet with your prospects?

It’s enough to send your blood pressure soaring and the muscles in your neck twitching - if you don’t know the secret sauce.

So, take a deep breath and give a listen to what Gunter Wessels, Co-founder of LiquidSmarts, has to say about value-based selling, marketing, and communication in a digital environment.

Gunter uses humor and candor to dive into the psychology of value-based digital business management, and then shows our viewers exactly how it’s done.

Here are the show highlights:

  • Why you don’t have to conduct in-person business to make an impact (3:44)
  • Building relationships in a digital environment (6:03)
  • Understanding the essence of value-based selling (10:04)
  • Technology may be implicit, but it’s not the whole story (12:59)
  • How adoption of an innovation is only constrained by the relevance of your communication (18:23)
  • It’s more valuable to be a customer expert instead of a product expert (32:43)


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Guest Bio

Gunter Wessels is the Co-Founder and Practice General Manager of LiquidSmarts, a company that reduces miscommunication, misalignment of resources, and dis-coordination of action to increase engagement and sales volume. 

His decades-long career in sales and business diagnostics and innovation has evolved into a strategy that uses the latest micro-learning approaches to value-based business solutions. 

Gunter received his BS in Biology and MBA in Marketing Management from the University of California, Riverside, and Ph.D. in Management from the University of Arizona.

If you’d like to reach out to Gunter, you can email him at or reach out to him on his website at