Getting a Jump on 2016’s Healthcare Trends

This year has really flown by, hasn’t it? The digital health realm has seen incredible breakthroughs like 3D printing advancements, blood nanobots, and developments in telemedicine – and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

As we enter the final stretch of the year, many of us are turning our sights to what 2016 has in store for health tech as we know it. One of the best ways to join this conversation is to attend one of the many conferences and symposiums coming up, where the best and brightest minds join forces to propel digital health forward at light speed.

Take a look at a few exciting events on the horizon, some of which I’ll be personally attending. For a more extensive calendar, click here.

 Future of Connected Health

Connected Health Symposium

This one is actually in the works as I post this blog! The 2015 Connected Health Symposium runs October 29 & 30 in Boston, Massachusetts. This year’s theme is “The Internet of Healthy Things℠: Integrating Connected Health into Real World Care Delivery,” covering critical trends like smartphones and social media, integrating patient-generated data, and the shift in digital privacy and security – just to name a few.

As the Symposium is in full swing, you can follow it on social media with the hashtag #cHealth15. Mush of the morning reflected the optimism and ambiguity that is the world of connected health today. Here are some of my favorite tweets so far:

At the panel:  Wearables Apps Social Media:  Flash in the pan or here to stay? Discussion focused on problems with wearables.



The panel “Exploration of Connected Health for Improved Cancer Outcomes” related real-world benefits of more information for people.  Janet Freeman-Daily has lung cancer.


Excitement over the 10 Innovation Finalists was palpable.


I couldn’t help but note the importance of marketing and branding to success of innovations.


Keynote speaker Robert Pearl, MD of Kaiser Permanente won the morning.


mHealth Summit

The largest event of its kind, the 2015 mHealth Summit will take place November 8 – 11 in Washington, DC with the theme “Anytime, Anywhere: Engaging Patients and Providers.” As one of the key discussions in digital health, the topic of engagement is constantly changing with breakthrough technological innovations that are impacting the healthcare market every day.

With an all-star lineup of global presenters and attendees and an agenda covering everything from interoperability to Meaningful Use Stage 3, the mHealth Summit will dive head-first into the future of connected health, mobile, and connected health. Don’t miss it!

Healthcare marketing technology for a healthier future



TEDMED 2015 will be held on November 18 – 20 in Palm Springs, California. As you could expect from a brainchild of TED, TEDMED has a more holistic approach to tackling 21st century health. The TEDMED conference focuses on interdisciplinary discussions, with inspiring and thought-provoking sessions from speakers both inside and outside the health and medicine spectrum.


The conference will cover a diverse range of topics including the organic-versus-GMO debate, the psychology of addiction, the development of less-invasive medical sensors, the under-appreciated challenges that face today’s healthcare industry, and much more. Prepare to be inspired.

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