How proper positioning increases your chances of success  w/ George Makhoul



When it comes to strategies, there are many different types you can utilize when commercializing an innovation.

But what happens when the market throws a curveball you, nor your investors, were expecting?

George Makhoul, CEO and CCO of Biom’up says that with a bit of grit, drive, and belief you can creatively - and successfully - commercialize a product, even during a pandemic.

Whether driving adoption or securing a champion, George explains how, when it all comes down to it, investors simply invest - it’s up to the innovator to work on the commercialization.

Join us on this journey with George as he delivers some tricks and tips his organization has used to continue working toward a successful commercialization in an unpredictable market.


Here are the show highlights:

  • Three characteristics you need to drive a successful commercialization strategy (2:01)
  • How you can successfully leverage unexpected setbacks (5:14)
  • How a hybrid approach to relationship building works in a digital environment (10:30)
  • Why it’s up to you, not investors, to commercialize for what you want (13:53)
  • Not being able to drive adoption could be the best problem to have! (21:24)
  • From concept to commercialization: know your audience (27:19)


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Guest Bio

George Makhoul is CEO and CCO of Biom’up, a specialist in collagen-based absorbable medical devices who is committed to making  life easier for surgeons and better for patients.

George has taken an over 20 year career in healthcare fields and parlayed it into driving revenue in the Medical Devices, Biologics, and pharmaceutical industries.

His diverse experience in everything from sales leadership to launch execution has been applied to developing new markets and maximizing the success of mature brands.

George earned his BA in Management, Business, Economics, Chemistry, Biosciences and Biology from Monrovia University.   

If you’d like to get in touch with George after the show, feel free to reach out to him via  LinkedIn at George Makhoul.