Can you seize the moment? w/ Fereydoun Taslimi



Many healthcare innovators view the act of pivoting to be a failure in their solution, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, pivoting, the ability to pivot, or the act of remaining open to a pivot while bringing a product to market is pretty much par for the course.

And, time and time again, a pivot has meant the difference between success and failure when market demands shift.

In today’s episode, Fereydoun Taslimi shares his experience with pivoting a hardware solution into a software homerun in the 1980s.

His decision, action, and ultimate success speaks to the importance of remaining flexible and seizing the moment when the market demands change — like they are today with COVID-19.


Here are the show highlights:

  • 3 key qualities entrepreneurs need to cultivate in order to successfully identify and navigate opportunities (3:30) 
  • Why the ability to pivot can be critical to your success (6:11)
  • How pandemics and other healthcare related events are shaping the future of healthcare innovation (13:20)
  • Why it’s important to review and update your messaging (17:23)
  • Discussing the challenges healthcare and healthcare innovators face now, and in the future (20:45)
  • Why taking time out to think about all the pivot scenarios to determine a path forward can be critical to success (22:18)
  • How maintaining a strong, optimistic outlook is a valuable asset for all entrepreneurs (28:42)


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Guest Bio

Fereydoun Taslimi is Founder and CEO of SensorsCall, developer of CareAlert — a non-intrusive AI device that extends senior independence while giving caregivers peace of mind.

A seasoned industry figure, Fereydoun has worked in technology fields ranging from computer development in the 1970s, hardware and software in the 1980s, interactive voice response and voice recognition, right up to AI driven IOT healthcare devices used in today’s market. 

Fereydoun received his bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of London King’s College and his Masters in computer science from Georgia Tech.

If you want to reach out to Fereydoun to learn more about SensorsCall or CareAlert, or to simply ask questions, you can reach him at, or via email at‍