3 strategic approaches for weathering long-term and near term crisis w/ Farrukh Khan



Crises impact health innovators in all forms and fashion - including shifting nuances that have a very definite impact on pre and post-crisis strategies. 

Weathering the impact of a crisis sometimes requires creative long-term or short-term solutions to strategic approaches.

And, sometimes, entrepreneurs can focus so heavily on one strategic course, they may miss an emergent strategy or opportunity that could help them scale and get to market faster.

In today’s episode, Farrukh Khan, CEO and Founder of Inference Analytics, talks about his company’s use case pivot during the pandemic.

Using a platform they already had in place, Inference Analytics was able to expand their long-term solution while also offering a near-term solution for patients and healthcare providers.

Farrukh shares his strategies, insights, and advice on how to stay agile while pivoting and the importance of not letting core value proposition get too far out of sight.


Here are the show highlights:

  • Examples of long-term and near-term crisis impacts and solutions (6:13)
  • How to avoid “shelfware” solutions (8:13)
  • Learning how to recognize when to stay the course and when to pivot down a different path (16:13)
  • What is a “Camel Startup” and how do they function? (18:46)
  • How important is your support system as an entrepreneur? (24:51)
  • Two key reasons to pivot or enter a new market (29:39)


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Guest Bio

Farrukh Khan is founder and CEO of Inference Analytics, Inc. With over 20 years of experience in product management, strategy and general management in the analytics space, he has held leadership roles in everything from early stage startups to large fortune 500 enterprises - including Netezza and IBM. 

Farrukh earned his Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University and his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

If you’d like to follow up with Farrukh, or simply want more information about Inference Analytics, you can reach out to him at  Farrukh@inferenceanalytics.com, on his website at inferenceanalytics.com, or via LinkedIn at Farrukh Khan