How one millennial founder is building his healthcare startup w/ Evan Ehrenberg



Launching a successful startup is hard. It’s even harder when there’s a global pandemic affecting every aspect of the market.

Market shakeups aren’t new, but when you’re new to the market, your ideas could be the shakeup that’s needed!

Fresh eyes, fresh ideas, fresh approaches can be a breath of fresh air in a stalled market. And Evan Ehrenberg and his company threw open the window with their millennial mindsets.

In this episode, come hear how Evan and his team at Clara Health used a unique mix of traditional and unorthodox approaches to build a successful startup out of a college project.

Evan’s candor, transparency, and vulnerability, quickly pulls our listeners in as he recounts the struggles and triumphs, and unique approaches, millennial companies face during COVID-19. 

Here are the show highlights:

  • The path from idea, to minimum viable product, to scalable product (3:58)
  • What success can look look for a startup (8:34)
  • What it’s like to be a millennial innovator (11:22)
  • How transparency and vulnerability in conversations can spark ideas (17:36)
  • Combatting discrimination and ageism in the company and when pitching (18:54)
  • Steps to take that can help battle burnout and increase productivity (24:48)
  • Using conversations to help build a stronger trust and credibility (31:48)


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Guest Bio

Evan Ehrenberg is Co-founder and CEO of Clara Health, a company that exists to help patients obtain better access to breakthrough clinical trials.

Before founding Clara Health, Evan managed AI research at MIT, Pal, and Palantir.

He is a USERN (Universal Scientific Education and Research Network) Ambassador and a recipient of the Forbes 30 under 30 award.

Having received his Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley at the age of 16, Evan went on to become the youngest Ph.D. candidate at MIT.

If you’d like to reach out to Evan, or simply want more information about Clara Health, you can follow him on Twitter at @EvanEhrenberg or @ClaraHealth, on LinkedIn at Evan Ehrenberg or reach out on their website at