The emotional roller coaster of building a digital health company w/ Eran Kabakov



When building a digital health company from the ground up, the road will, at times, arduous and challenging. 

Entrepreneurs have to constantly examine their goals, their approaches, and - perhaps most importantly, their failures in order to stay on task and motivated.

Not an easy task, but when you’re passionate about your solution, it’s a path you’re willing to take and a process you’re willing to submit to.

In this episode, Eran Kabakov speaks candidly about his company’s nearly two decade evolution, some mistakes he’s made along the way, and how the COVID-19 crisis helped open doors.

Eran gives our listeners an honest look at the often unglamorous - but most often rewarding - rollercoaster ride of building a digital health company.   


Here are the show highlights:

  • How building something from nothing versus working in an existing, established infrastructure is like night and day (3:46)
  • Product market fit and how it can evolve and change over time(7:34)
  • Recognizing when you’ve reached product market fit and how that can be different for every entrepreneur (13:44)
  • How a crisis can reveal opportunities, even if doors closed in the past (17:01)
  • Sometimes the market has to catch up to the entrepreneur’s vision (22:57)
  • Why keeping your eye on your end goals can help you stay on track and inspired (28:42)


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Guest Bio

Eran Kabakov is CEO and Founder of Docola, a digital health tool that enables providers to quickly share information with patients, tracks progress, assesses comprehension, and provides utilization reports, all on a HIPAA/GDPR compliant platform.

Eran has been a clinician for over 30 years, has earned his BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Buffalo, and is a volunteer at the Aurora Project and the Society for Participatory Medicine.

If you’d like to reach out to Eran, or are looking for additional information on Docola, you can find him on  LinkedIn at Eran Kabakov or visit their website at .