What’s happening in digital health w/ Dr. Joseph Kvedar



The digital health space is changing so fast, it can sometimes feel like your head is going to spin right off trying to keep track of what’s coming and going.

And with all those moving parts, if you’re not paying attention - and I mean close attention - you could miss out on some huge opportunities, or fall into some epic traps.

Dr. Joseph Kvedar has had his finger on the pulse of digital health and telehealth for over 30 years. So, when it comes to hyper-shifting technology and business models, or even stalled out progress, he’s the man you want on your team.

That’s why I was thrilled when he agreed to come onto the show, again, and share his expertise and thoughts on all those moving parts. 

Only this time, instead of discussing the possible changes to digital health and telehealth, we’re going to pick apart the massive shifts caused by COVID, and what those shifts may mean to the future of healthcare.


Here are the show highlights:

  • Looking at digital healthcare through the eyes of patients or caregivers (9:52)
  • Who’s at risk of being the next Kodak?  (12:45)
  • Successful healthcare disruptors will want to do this (15:39)
  • Which healthcare innovations are further along than others (22:04)
  • The risks and rewards of AI (24:25)
  • The fastest growing trend of entrepreneurship (33:31)


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Guest Bio

Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, is a practicing dermatologist, Chairman of the Board at the ATA, editor at npj Digital Medicine, a senior advisor at Harvard Medical School, an advisor to many healthcare startups, and the author of two books: The Internet of Healthy Things and The New Mobile Age: How Technology Will Extend the Healthspan and Optimize the Lifespan.

If you have additional questions or insights you’d like to discuss with Dr. Kvedar, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn at Joe Kvedar, Twitter at @jkvedar, or by visiting joekvedar.com.