It’s not about you, it never was w/ David Fishbach



Building a company that someone wants to buy, instead of the one you want to sell, can be tricky - but it’s almost always necessary if you want your startup to succeed.

Knowing who your customer is, what problems they need to be solved, and whether the problem is big enough to build a successful business model is the price of admission to “product-market fit.” 

David Fishbach, Founder and Principal at Excel Executive Business Advisors knows a thing or two about how a startup can increase its chances for success.

Using his extensive experience in the technology, life science, and healthcare fields, he walks our listeners and viewers through the ways a customer’s experience drives success.

Entrepreneurs and startups who are looking for a strong market entry - and exit strategy - for their innovation should take note: it’s not about you, it never was. It’s all about your customer. 


Here are the show highlights:

  • Why you need to build a company someone wants to buy, not one you want to sell (3:04)
  • The most compelling founders solve problems they, themselves, have experienced (5:59)
  • Is the problem you’re solving pervasive enough to create a viable business model? (8:22)
  • Understanding the importance of the user’s journey (12:34)
  • Two sustainable competitive advantages to aid in achieving product-market fit (14:09)
  • This is why even the greatest athletes, musicians, and performers have trainers (23:33)


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Guest Bio

David Fishbach is the Founder and Principal of Excel Executive Business Advisors, an organization offering corporate strategy, operations, and leadership development in the technology, life sciences, and healthcare space.

His decades of experience in operational, executive, and consultative roles helped him lead teams in the delivery of software, services, and support for clinical trials, and throughout the life cycle of pharmaceutical development and commercialization

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, and a Certificate in Business Strategy from Cornell University.

If you’d like to reach out to David, you can find him on LinkedIn at David Fishbach, or email him at