Creating Value for Everyone in the Value Chain w/ Dave Dolan



If creating value is foundational to a successful business, creating value for everyone in the value chain is the Holy Grail.

Dave Dolan, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of MultiFunctional Imaging, knows what it means to create value - he’s one of those rare entrepreneurs who achieved the “Holy Grail.”

In this episode, Dave discusses business models and roadmaps that can help entrepreneurs “cross the chasm” to success.

If you’re looking to build and cultivate KOL (key opinion leader) relationships, blaze your path across the chasm, or simply want to be better at co-creating with your customers, you’re going to want to listen.

Come hear Dave’s story!

Here are the show highlights:

  • This is why it’s important to “play well in the sandbox” (4:19)
  • Is your business model missing key components to your story? (9:27)
  • How to find your way across the chasm (11:09)
  • Nurturing and cultivating KOL relationships (17:26)
  • Strong KOL partnerships are the engines that drive you (23:21)
  • How to win at co-creation (30:19)


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Guest Bio

Dave Dolan is the Executive Chairman and Co-founder of MultiFunctional Imaging.

His career has been built on successes centering around the commercialization and customer adoption of innovative MedTech products/services. 

From Fortune 500 corporations through startups, he has built medical device innovations into record growth, elevated market shares, and attractive market valuations. 

A trusted business leader, Dave employs an analytical and data-driven approach to identify and capitalize on opportunities that will advance an organization’s strategic vision.

To learn more about what Dave does, go to his website at If you’d like to reach Dave directly, you can find him on LinkedIn at Dave Dolan, or you can email him at