7X serial entrepreneur sells to Microsoft and gives us his winning strategies w/ Daniel Levitt



Startups can be challenging. And, with an abundance of ambiguous tips and strategies available, and it’s almost impossible to distill it down to actionable steps toward success.


Daniel Levitt has spent an entire career in the world of startups, learning the ropes by taking on roles tied to sales and marketing - critical components of any successful venture.

Self-branded a serial BIO/IT entrepreneur,  Daniel pulls back the curtain and gives our listeners a rare glimpse into the strategies he used that helped him sell one company to Microsoft.

In this episode, our viewers are treated to a sincere and thoughtful interview that takes the mystery out of why some companies succeed where others might struggle.

Grab a drink, turn up the volume and get ready to take notes. You’re not going to want to miss this one!   


Here are the show highlights:

  • How staying humble can build your expertise and bring more experience to your next venture (2:13)
  • The difference between - and importance of - technical founders and operational founders (6:42)
  • Why the method in which your startup raises money is critically important (9:20)
  • This scientific evidence can be a gamechanger for building a successful startup (24:19)
  • What investors want to see when they’re considering backing a startup (25:59)
  • The critically important reason to include customers in every stage of your ideation processes (30:26)
  • How to navigate success without sacrificing viability (33:10)


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Guest Bio

Daniel Levitt is CEO and Founder at Bioz, a comprehensive AI search engine that empowers scientists to accelerate research toward cutting edge discoveries and technologies.

With a career dedicated to IT and life sciences, Daniel has successfully built and sold companies to such notables as Microsoft.

A self-professed serial Bio/IT entrepreneur, Daniel earned his BA in economics from the University of Berkeley in California and his M.Sc. in management from Boston University.

If you’d like to reach out to Daniel, or are looking for more information about Bioz, you can reach him by email at daniel@bioz.com, on LinkedIn at Daniel Levitt, or visit his website at Bioz.com.