2014 Connected Health Symposium: Catalyzing the Digital Health Industry

We’re bursting with excitement as we approach the 2014 Connected Health Symposium on October 23 & 24, 2014. Hosted in Boston, the Symposium will bring together key international players in the digital health industry – from technological innovators to government policymakers to providers, payers, and consumer advocates.

Uniting these passionate stakeholders under the same roof, the Symposium will act as a breeding ground for new ideas and the integration of new tools and practices to propel the digital health industry forward. We’ll see breakthrough developments in areas like mobile health (mHealth) and eHealth, wireless wearables, telemedine/telehealth, and health IT. (Can you tell we’re excited?)

Integrating Digital Health

One of the themes we look most forward to during this year’s Symposium is a series of keynotes, debates, and presentations on issues surrounding integrating digital health into the everyday swing of things. Players in the digital health industry are well aware of the amazing technological breakthroughs waiting just around the corner for their chance to change the way we seek, receive, and deliver healthcare.

But the problem is: it needs an impetus. A fire underneath it to bridge the gap of information between innovators and consumers. A catalyst to spur understanding of how these innovations can and will affect the healthcare industry, and how we can best implement them for a seamless and efficient integration. The Connected Health Symposium is geared to be a spark for that fire.

Breaking Healthcare Tradition

This year’s conference theme is “Connected Health in Practice: Engaging Patients and Providers Outside of Traditional Care Settings.” It’s critical to break current “tradition” of how the healthcare industry functions at its core. In order to best accommodate and foster the evolution of digital health, we need a systemic plan that allows healthcare to evolve outside the confines of the hospital and clinic. This involves a laundry list of considerations, which will be observed in-depth at the Symposium.

The Connected Health Symposium aims to drive healthcare into the 21st century by showcasing:

  • Groundbreaking systems and devices for managing health, wellness, and chronic disease
  • Home healthcare: current strategies, the landscape moving forward, and giving patients power over their own health
  • Trends, research, and advancements in the delivery of medical care
  • Novel programs poised to reduce healthcare spending and increase efficiency
  • Expert insight into building companies, financing innovation launch, and navigating regulatory and legal issues

Networking and Sharing

Above all, the Symposium will unite experts, leaders, and practitioners from around the world to join the global healthcare discussion. More than 1,200 international stakeholders will attend the event, opening the doors for discussion, debate, and unparalleled networking opportunities. More than half of the attendees will include C-level or senior management stakeholders. High-level decision-makers coupled with the best and brightest innovators ensure that big things will come of the 2014 Connected Health Symposium.

We’ll see you there!