Pitching investors during the pandemic and adapting to new market conditions w/ Ana Gomez del Campo



When you’re a healthcare innovations startup poised to take that next step, nothing can throw you more of a curveball than a global pandemic.

Right now, the market has slowed and is proceeding with caution, but ‘slow’ doesn’t mean ‘stop.’

Funding may be hard, but it’s not impossible - and there are actions every company can take that will help keep them relevant and active in the industry.

In today’s episode, Surefhir Co-Founder and CEO, Ana Gomez del Campo gets candid with our listeners as she recounts how her company has weathered the impact of the go-stop-crawl process of the last few months.

Ana shares her thoughts on being open to collaboration, willing to pivot, why it’s so important to know who you’re targeting when going to market.


Here are the show highlights:

  • When crises slow an innovation’s forward trajectory, these actions can keep you relevant and active in your industry (4:03)
  • A strong argument for collaboration and customer discovery (9:19)
  • Why funding may be difficult, but certainly not impossible, during a pandemic (14:50)
  • A quick dive into the psychology around why Angel Investors invest (17:41)
  • How a partial pivot to an innovation can yield surprising results (19:09)
  • Why right now might be the time to open discussion about how your innovation may work for other potential target markets (22:03)
  • How getting “lost in the fog” can sabotage your success (23:45)
  • When listening to stakeholder advice produces that ah-ha moment (26:01)
  • Recognizing the different value propositions between patient, provider, and those who write the checks is critical to innovation success (31:18)


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Guest Bio

Ana Gomez del Campo is CEO and Co-Founder of Surefhir, a healthcare digital solution that aims to boost patient satisfaction and discharge efficiency with tools that keep patients, loved ones, and care teams all on the same page and up-to-date on a patient’s care journey.

A recipient of several entrepreneurial and neuroscience grants and prizes, Ana graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with her BS in Biomedical and Medical Engineering.

If you want reach out to Ana, she can be reached via email at ana@surefhir.co, on linkedin at Ana Gomez del Campo, or for more information about the Surefhir solution, visit their website at surefhir.co