4 critical strategies you might be missing w/ Aaron Enten



Whether you’re looking to dive deep into customer discovery, uncover (track or change) valuable KPIs, or pitch an investor, there are many strategies you can utilize based on the path you take.

And, knowing when, who, how, and why you’re making decisions when commercializing your company is only half your goal - you need to know how to use the data you’re collecting.

When it comes to data and scientific research, Aaron Enten knows enough to know he doesn’t know it all - and he’s here to explain why that is and how you can move your company forward.

Building a successful startup is the holy grail for today’s entrepreneurs - and we’ve gathered strategies and insights that will help even the greenest among us.

Why not grab a chair and tune in? Listen to how Aaron navigated a complicated entrepreneurial space using creativity and determination - and came out whole on the other side.


Here are the show highlights:

  • What you think you know - and what you really don’t (6:11)
  • This is the secret to customer discovery (9:16)
  • When to reexamine pre-existing beliefs about your commercialization strategy (12:40)
  • The #1 way to do customer discovery WRONG (19:34)
  • When and why to revisit your business model canvas (21:53)
  • How to determine what your KPIs and measurable outcomes should be (33:12)


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Guest Bio

Aaron Enten is CEO and Co-Founder of Insight Optics, an organization working to increase compliance rates by bringing trained ophthalmologists to the point of primary care.

An experienced CEO and CTO in the medical device industry, Aaron has built an enviable reputation in Medical Device Innovation, Technology Commercialization, Scientific Research, and Financier Relations. 

Aaron earned his PhD in Bioengineering and his  MBA in Innovation Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

If you’d like to reach out to Aaron, you can find him on LinkedIn at Aaron Enten, PhD on his webpage at io.care, or email him at aaron@iocare.