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About Us

Our Story. Your Story. Intertwined.

Why Legacy DNA Marketing Group


What to Consider When Choosing an Agency?

Experience. That counts.

We are the only marketing agency that’s worked in the specialty pharmacy industry for nearly a decade.

Light. Years ahead.

We’re up-to-speed on all the latest strategies required to successfully take a new healthcare technology to market.

We were the first agency to help companies differentiate value-based healthcare from volume-based healthcare. We’ve been marketing value-based healthcare since 2007—before the Affordable Care Act was passed and pay-for-performance became the new normal.

We help healthcare leaders take brilliant ideas to market.
  • Circumvent failure
  • Reach success
  • Increase customer acceptance
  • Increase financial performance of the innovation
  • Increase ROI

Legacy DNA:  Our Story.  Your Story.  Intertwined.


What mark do you want to leave on this world? Like you, we’re interested in doing more than simply visiting this world. Together, we’ll change it.




We’ll look closely inside your detailed strands and your customers’ DNA and apply our science + smart storytelling to ensure your success.

We believe

  • Your story matters. It’s your DNA … the legacy you leave behind.
  • Successful marketing programs are based on science, not guesswork.
  • When intellect and inspiration are brought together, powerful product and service stories are born … stories that go far beyond telling your customers and stakeholders who you are and what you do.
  • In freeing your business from the confines of me-too marketing and corporate blandness.
  • If your marketing is boring, you will be invisible.
  • The Why

    "People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

    Beliefs are a driving force behind behavior. As consumers, we’re constantly sifting through a barrage of marketing messages from a bottomless pit of companies that look exactly the same. So how do we decipher what’s relevant and meaningful to us? We do business with people and organizations we deeply relate to in our heart and soul. This phenomenon is at our core being and spans the reach of any industry, including healthcare.

    Are you inspiring people, building trust, and sharing values? How can you stand out from your competitors? How can you show that your brand is the better choice?

    Don’t blabber on about what you do – start with why.

    At Legacy DNA, our philosophy starts with discovering the ‘why’ behind your business. Let us help you define and effectively communicate your why.

    Legacy DNA Graphic - The Why
  • Tuned In

    Successful marketing campaigns are not born under a lucky star, nor are they the result of guesswork; they are the products of good genes. They are based on the art and science of being ‘tuned in’ to your customers’ needs and wants.

    It's not about re-shaping your customers needs to fit your products and services, but how your products and services are built to solve their problems and satisfy their desires. 

    Simply stated, being ‘tuned in’ equates to paying attention to every aspect of your customers’ situations—from identifying their challenges and understanding what motivates them to buy, to knowing how to use this information to develop meaningful experiences, products, and services. Tuning in creates resonators that inspire long-term loyalty. 

    At Legacy DNA, we believe in being ‘tuned in’ to our clients, and in doing so we are able to help you benefit from being ‘tuned in’ to your customers.

    Legacy DNA Graphic - Tuned In
  • Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing refers to marketing strategies and tactics that focus on pulling audiences in instead of pushing your brand in front of prospects. 

    In digital healthcare marketing, inbound efforts take a scientific approach to transforming strangers to visitors, visitors to viable leads, leads to customers, and customers to brand evangelists.

    With 94% of buyers conducting some degree of research online before making a purchase decision, it's critical to create the right mix of problem-solving content to attract buyers, build trust and credibility, and engage prospects throughout each phase of the buying process.

    Legacy DNA takes this philosophy to heart, and we practice what we preach. We guide you through the process of doing the same. 

    Legacy DNA Graphic - Inbound Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing

    Relationship marketing is not a summer romance. It’s a marriage. Focused on the long term.

    Remember your first summer love? In the beginning, it was all fireworks and flowers. You felt a connection that gave you energy, that gave you a new sense of purpose. When summer ended, so did the romance. It faded from daily love letters to an occasional phone call. Then, one day you found yourself confused and wondering what happened.

    What happened was the sizzle fizzled.

    In business, relationships can often feel like a summer romance: exciting and fulfilling in the beginning. But, we stop paying attention as they mature.

    Healthcare marketing isn't just about driving sales. It’s about relationships that foster customer loyalty, interaction, and long-term engagement.

    Our agency was built on relationship marketing. We understand the value of the partnership with our clients, the need to keep it alive, fresh, and energized over the long term. We’ll help you nurture your customer relationships to ensure that the sizzle never fizzles, customers become raving fans, and the lifetime value of customers is maximized.

    We’re here to help you court the objects of your affection and grow them into long-term, rewarding love affairs.

    Legacy DNA Graphic - Relationship Marketing

The convergence of the left and right brain; it’s a perfect union of science and art

Start. With Science.

Everything we do begins with science.

Science is essential to forming the building blocks of a great story.


Smart. Storytelling.

Storytelling is vital to paint a picture of your company in its best light.

Our strategic marketing framework blends both.


Everyone has their differences — something that makes them unique. Our DNA builds it into us. That’s where we find our ‘Left Brainers,’ the scientists brimming with logic, and our ‘Right Brainers,’ the artists who emanate creativity. When you combine them, you can discover synergy, energy and real innovation. They inspire you to pay attention.

That’s what you’ll find within Legacy DNA Marketing Group. The brains behind our brawn include: