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Pave your path to profit. Be among the 5% of innovators who succeed.

There’s no single right way to commercialize a health tech innovation, and every solution’s plan will be different. But, the one thing they all have in common is the 10 steps needed to go from an idea to “the next big thing.” This free (and highly detailed) white paper shows you those steps.


Learn in a few days what took me 20 years of business practice, 7 years of researching over 500+ peer-reviewed articles, and 160+ interviews with health innovators.

  • This 45-page white paper walks you through 10 critical steps for your healthcare commercialization strategy: 
    1. Focus on Your Fit
    2. Validate Market Need
    3. Finance Your Innovation
    4. Segment Your Target Market
    5. Define Your New Product Concept
    6. Build and Test Your Business Model
    7. Validate Clinical and Financial Outcomes
    8. Establish Partnerships and Alliances
    9. Determine Launch Timing
    10. Communicate Your Unique Brand Story
  • Introducing a healthcare innovation is more than just developing revolutionary tech and pushing it out to the mainstream...
  • To succeed in the market and generate ROI, you need a strategic, calculated, and data-fueled commercialization plan.
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“Dr. Roxie’s secret weapon is her ability to effectively translate an academic approach into real-life execution.”

Stacie Ruth, Co-Founder and CEO of AireHealth

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