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Patient Persona Solutions for Value-Based Providers

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Patient Persona Development

Do you know you know your target patients well enough to get them through your door and keep them coming back?

Patient personas are fundamental to any value-based healthcare marketing program because being able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time begins with a deep understanding of the target market. Value-Based Provider Patient Persona

Only when value-based healthcare organizations precisely understand who the customer is and what motivates them to buy, or not buy, can you be certain that marketing dollars are being invested appropriately. Causality is Key.

When developing a patient persona, most marketing teams focus on demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. These characteristics and attributes are important when creating a composite of existing and prospective patients. However, these traits only reveal correlations between buyers and their buying decisions, not causality.

The difference between understanding correlations and causality may appear inconsequential; however, these distinctions play a major role in whether marketing campaigns, programs, and communications are effective.

Understanding the science and theories behind these marketing decisions is what sets Legacy DNA Marketing Group apart from every other healthcare marketing firm.

Healthcare organizations that understand what causes people to buy have a much higher likelihood of success.

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