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Journey Mapping Solutions for Value-Based Providers

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Patient Journey Mapping

Can a journey map help improve the patient experience in your organization? You bet it can!

The patient experience begins long before they walk through your door. A journey map is an essential roadmap that takes a scientific approach to identifying each phase your patient will go through in the course of diagnosis and treatment, and predicting their wants and needs in the provider selection process. Since the healthcare journey is a cyclical and continuous one, that considers not just one illness, injury, or course of treatment – but all of them – patients cycle back around to the beginning of the roadmap and begin assessing further steps they can take to feel better and stay healthier.

Your goal is to get and keep patients on a roadmap that leads them to you with every healthcare buying decision.

To create the most effective journey map, value-based healthcare organizations should first figure out the general persona of the patient that the map is being geared toward reaching to deliver the most relevant experience. A patient with breast cancer is going to have a different journey than a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. The patient’s environment and the tools that are available to help them may also influence what steps they take and the speed of their journey.

A basic journey map often includes the following cyclical steps:Value-Based Provider Patient Journey Mapping

  • Diagnosis
  • Seeking treatment
  • Decision for treatment
  • Treatment
  • Ongoing management

These steps help to identify and establish key stages in the patient buying journey, and ultimately, and how to position marketing campaigns that prove value for their specific needs. These stages include:

  • Awareness – the patient is aware that they have a problem that needs solving
  • Consideration – the patient is researching their problem-solving options
  • Decision – the patient has chosen a solution

Legacy DNA’s background in developing patient experiences throughout the care continuum can help you plot the most direct roadmap your patients can take to reach you.

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