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Communication Solutions for Value-Based Providers

Patient and Provider Communications

Patient and Provider Communications

Patient, provider, and stakeholder communications – whether they’re written, printed, or in digital media, are about far more than simply telling your audiences about who you are and what you offer. They’re about forming relationships built on knowledge, trust, credibility, and your ability to prove value in the healthcare services you provide across the care continuum.Value-Based Provider Patient & Provider Communications

Your communications may be intended to engage patients, providers, and stakeholders in new products and service lines or, they may be designed to educate and inform. However, they share a common thread: to enhance the patient experience and improve healthcare outcomes.

Successful communications evoke an “aha moment” from your audiences, proving that where you’re coming from is exactly where they want to go on their healthcare journey.

So how do you get there?

We help you speak meaningfully to your patients, providers, and stakeholders through tried and true communication best practices, based on a formula of science and creativity.Value-Based Provider Patient & Provider Communications 02

Legacy DNA takes a close look at the “why” in your healthcare story and uses this as a foundation for purposeful communications that support the vital data, instructions, and experiences your patients, providers, and stakeholders are looking for, and, of course, prove your value in the healthcare system.

We use science to make what you do and why you do it compelling and engaging by:

  • Understanding your purpose – Why you matter to patients, providers and stakeholders
  • Analyzing your audience – What they respond to
  • Defining your most effective communication platforms – Where and how audiences prefer to communicate
  • Revealing your company’s unique style and voice – How audiences recognize you against your competitors
  • Addressing the touch points that prove value in the products and service lines you offer
  • Crafting persuasive, informative communications that embody clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness, all while maintaining the highest ethical standards
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