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“Everybody knows how important first impressions are,” Business Insider recently wrote. “But not everybody knows that the ‘first impression’ is actually only a seven-second window upon first meeting someone.”Specialty Pharmacy Website Design 01

How do your potential customers spend those seven seconds on your website?  Can they discover what’s in it forthem by engaging with you? Or do they only see outdated healthcare marketing, full of blue scrubs and old ideas? Filled only with what you do, but not why you do it? 

When mere seconds can lead to winning over your potential customers and stakeholders, or moving on to your competitors, you’ve got to break through the old and bring in the bold.

We bring ‘bold’ to you and your customers 

Legacy DNA works closely with you to ensure that the “first impression” you make with potential customers is indeed a bold one. Something that distinguishes you from the rest and makes every second count.

Here’s how:

  • We start with “why.” By understanding the “why” behind everything you do and “why” you matter to your customers.
Specialty Pharmacy Website Design 02
  • We become acquainted with what makes your audience tick—what motivates them, their hopes and challenges, the reassurances they’re seeking—and then we plan your website to directly those needs.
  • We carefully develop the key messages that will best resonate with your site’s visitors—and then we ensure that these messages come across clearly and persuasively so that visitors know – in just an instant – why they should choose you.
  • We make your website look great, of course—but we also make sure that it delivers real value to potential customers so that they know that you have the help and answers they’re looking for.
  • We practice responsive web design, so that your site looks just as great on a smartphone or a tablet as it does on a laptop, since that’s the way a growing number of prospective customers will first meet you.
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