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Social Media Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies

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Social media is an increasingly critical component of a successful digital marketing plan – especially when it comes to life-altering decisions like those that surround our health and wellbeing. Research tells us that nearly 75 percent ofSpecialty Pharmacy Social Media Management 01 internet users are engaged on social media.  Eighty percent of that population uses the internet to search for health information.

As a healthcare firm, it’s important to have a strong, reliable, and trustworthy web presence that speaks to customers ‘in their own language,’ wherever they are.  A sound social media strategy is a piece of this puzzle, helping to solidify brand awareness, generate website traffic, educate and engage current and potential customers, and build confidence in your brand’s ability to meet their needs.

Strategy development

Top-performing social media campaigns are rooted in strategy, from content selection to daily engagement with key leaders in the industry. Legacy-DNA’s social media team works to craft a customized strategy that includes:

  • Market research: Discover your ideal customers’ social media behaviors, which questions are they asking online, and how your brand answers them. Just as important, learn what strategies your competitors implementing.
  • Engaging with key influencers: By identifying individuals and companies that are thought leaders in your niche, our team can build and nurture relationships to become a part of the conversation. These interactions and potential partnerships can bolster your brand’s engagement, relevance, and exposure.
  • Custom content development: An ideal social media strategy involves a mix of branded content and third-party content. Based on research, your company’s goals, and industry best practices, our team will craft a content calendar with the right tone, voice, messaging, and timing.
  • Best practices research: What time of day is best to reach your ideal customers? Which sources do they find the most credible, and which links are they most likely to click? Which hashtags are appropriate and effective? Over time, we’ll closely examine your target audience’s social media behaviors against best practices to optimize your brand positioning.

Dedicated campaign management

Based on your campaign strategy, a dedicated social media manager will oversee your account. In addition to strategy execution, your account manager will monitor real-time progress and results, working to tweak campaigns as needed based on opportunities and weaknesses.


Based on your campaign’s needs, our team will provide weekly, monthly, and/or annual reporting to ensure that all Specialty Pharmacy Social Media Management 02key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals have been met or are on track to perform up to expectations. In-depth reporting gives the ability to drill down into the top-performing strategies, which can be used to continuously hone and develop campaign strategy for the future.

So where do you start? What should you post, to whom, on what channel, and when? Click here to learn how to kick start your social media management strategy or get a free consultation.

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