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Presentation Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies

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How often do you sit through presentations with slides t filled to the brim with text and endless bullet points – only for the presenter to repeat each word line by line? What do you spend your time doing? Reading the copy, falling asleep, or engaging with the presenter?

Research shows that nearly 32 percent of audiences fall asleep during presentations. Why?Specialty Pharmacy Presentations  01

Simple. It’s TMI. Presenters try to pack too much information into their presentations. Too much text. Too many bullet points. Too little substance. Too little engagement.

In specialty pharmacy, presentations are vital tools for delivering critical product, service, and drug information to vast audiences. But if your presentation qualifies as a sleep study protocol, it’s time to rethink your approach.

Legacy DNA can help you bring out the bold and put monotonous presentation development design, and roll-out to bed – where it belongs.

We understand the best practices behind building dynamic presentations that engage audiences with:

  • Messaging designed just for them
  • Consistent design from start to finish
  • Content that educates, entertains, and inspires
  • Bold digital components that drive your points home, including quality images and vibrant, well-designed graphics, and relevant video content
  • Just the right amount of text
  • Clear takeaways that nobody will doze through
  • And, a carefully crafted script for the presenter – To open audience’s eyes to what you’re communicating, and keep them open

Whether your presentations are geared toward sales, partnerships, training, or education, we’ll help you build presentations that successfully connect with your audience, every time.

Forget the snooze button. Click here to talk with a proven team of presentation pros to help you build bold – not boring – presentations that motivate audiences to engage, or schedule a free consultation today.

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