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Branding Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies

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Your brand is far more than a logo, a swatch of colors, or stock photos loaded with boring blue scrubs. It’s your story, past, present, and future: the cornerstone of who you are, who you stand for, and why you do everything that you do. In fact, your brand is your DNA. And, you’re like no other healthcare organizations out there.

Because DNA is the code of your organization, you’ve got to be able to crack the code – develop it into a bold strategy that differentiates you from the competition, and informs, enlightens, and engages your stakeholders.

Specialty Pharmacy Branding

Retire the blue scrubs. Legacy DNA helps specialty pharmacy companies crack their DNA codes to build powerful product and service stories … stories that go far beyond telling customers and stakeholders who you are and what you do. With us, you gain full access to a collection of brand development and propelling services that get to the root of your brand story – all backed by science and built on creativity including:

Brand Development

  • Primary & Secondary Research
    • Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Creative

Brand Propelling

  • Internal Communications
    • Cultural Transformation & Employee Engagement
    • Mission & Vision Sharing
    • Team Training
  • Business Development
    • Sales Presentations
    • Collateral Systems
    • Service Design
    • Product & Business Launch
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
    • Digital & Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • Public Relations & Events
  • Thought Leadership Strategy
  • Content Marketing
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