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From Coasting Along to Taking Proactive Action, AlliantRx Discovers Success With Legacy DNA

AlliantRx needed a specialized team of pharmacy marketing experts - without the added payroll expense. So, they turned to a trusted, collaborative marketing partner: Legacy DNA. Come find out how they took their organization to a whole new level!

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How This Underdog Earned National Retail Shelf Space Over Industry Giants

A big idea that needed a bold brand identity and product packaging, a compelling story, and the right commercialization strategies for its innovation. Find out how Legacy DNA helped this underdog beat the odds.

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How Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Grew from 50M to 500M and Became an Attractive Acquisition Target for The Kroger Co.

Explore how Axium overcame corporate blandness and me-too marketing by differentiating its brand in a commoditized and competitive landscape to achieve national brand recognition across the U.S.

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From Ad-Hoc Tactics to Strategies Based on Marketing Science and Best Practices

Learn how Therigy got strategic and transformed its marketing with a proven blueprint for marketing success and revenue growth.  

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The Critical Difference Between Launching and Commercializing a Healthcare Innovation

What many innovators don’t realize is that commercialization – generating a profit from the innovation – begins before the product is even fully developed, and continues long after it’s launched. The hard truth is that many innovations are launched into the market, but few reach success. Learn how to ensure yours is one of the few.

Discover the Difference Between Launching and Commercializing a Healthcare Innovation