eBook - Agile Marketing

Learn how real-time data insights and 90-day planning cycles result in better healthcare marketing outcomes. 

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Infographic: Strategies & Tactics for Commercializing Your Healthcare Innovation

What every entrepreneur needs to know when commercializing a technology innovation in healthcare. Discover the common pitfalls, how to circumvent failure, and how to maximize ROI.

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Launching and Commercializing An Innovation in Healthcare

When it's time to launch and commercialize your innovation, discover why choosing the right COI team is mission critical to realizing maximum ROI and circumventing failure. We'll show you how in our eBook Launching and Commercializing An Innovation in Healthcare. 

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Launching a Healthcare Innovation: What to Look for when Hiring an Agency

Successfully launching a healthcare innovation requires a lot more than a logo and a business card. You're ready to hire an agency - but how can you be sure you hire the right one?  Our check list can help you determine what you should look for when hiring the a healthcare marketing agency.

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9 Tips for Selling to the Healthcare Market

Cut through the noise of competing solutions and leverage the latest sales tools to ensure healthcare prospects and decision makers are singing your tune. We'll show you how in this 9 Tips for Selling to the Healthcare Market tip sheet. 

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See The 2018 Drivers, Shapers, and Game Changers of Healthcare

The healthcare market has never been more active, evolutionary, or ripe for disruption. That’s why we’ve analyzed the top Drivers, Shapers, and Game Changers in healthcare for 2018 and compiled them into this easy to read infographic.

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How This Underdog Earned National Retail Shelf Space Over Industry Giants

A big idea that needed a bold brand identity and product packaging, a compelling story, and the right commercialization strategies for its innovation. Find out how Legacy DNA helped this underdog beat the odds.

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Compelling Healthcare Stories: Using Art & Science to Dig Into Your Story DNA

Dig into the DNA of a story. In this infographic, you'll uncover the anatomy of the art and science relationship that serves as the building blocks for healthcare stories.

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How Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Grew from 50M to 500M and Became an Attractive Acquisition Target for The Kroger Co.

Explore how Axium overcame corporate blandness and me-too marketing by differentiating its brand in a commoditized and competitive landscape to achieve national brand recognition across the U.S.

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From Ad-Hoc Tactics to Strategies Based on Marketing Science and Best Practices

Learn how Therigy got strategic and transformed its marketing with a proven blueprint for marketing success and revenue growth.  

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10 Steps to Healthcare Technology Innovation Success

Discover the commercialization strategies you need to reach adoption, diffusion, and success. Learn the 10-step formula to circumvent failure.

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Health Leaders Beware -  Unlikely Partnerships Are Disrupting to the Healthcare Industry

Delve into some of the hottest healthcare tech mash ups that are transforming healthcare, and appealing to consumers and investors.

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10 Strategies to Differentiate Your Specialty Pharmacy

Stand out with these 10 actionable strategies to ensure your organization is producing the best patient health outcomes while flourishing financially in a constantly evolving industry.

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How Leaders Market and Commercialize Healthcare Technology Innovation

In this peer-reviewed article, Dr. Roxie reveals the hidden pitfalls of commercializing a technology innovation in healthcare.

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Opportunity Hides in Disruptive Mash Ups & Strategic Partners

Unlikely partnerships are disrupting to the Healthcare Industry. Startups and companies from other industries are nibbling at the edges of the traditional health ecosystem.

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