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Key Influencer Marketing

Healthcare consumers once relied solely on their providers for healthcare information, they are turning increasingly to other consumers through the internet and digital media to research healthcare options and experiences – from diagnoses, to treatments, to outcomes – and influence their decisions as consumers.

The internet and digital media has evolved from a place if anonymous browsing to a center for tight communities where consumers are more open about their healthcare experiences than they would be in person. Sharing personal experiences transforms these people from casual internet users into marketing influencers. Trusted sources for word-of-mouth marketing.

What do these key influencers mean to you? They can help you gain a powerful edge in your healthcare consumer targeting capabilities.

Health Innovators Key Influencers Marketing

Key influencer marketing is an approach that hyper targets influential people – key influencers – instead of blasting messages to your entire target market. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and builds marketing activities around these influencers.

These influencers can then share your story with thousands of prospective healthcare consumers and help your organization:

  • Capitalize on the experiences and relationships of key digital health influencers and their communities
  • Hyper target the right consumers with the right messages through a familiar influencer
  • Develop trust through credible information sharing

Put key influencers to work for your targeted marketing strategies. How do you find these key influencers? Legacy DNA can help. For years, we’ve vetted and leveraged key digital health influencers to capture the attention of healthcare consumers. Through our vast network of digital health influencers, we help you gain real-world information on consumer wants, needs, expectations, and experiences, and spread the word about your digital health innovations to not just any audience – but to the right audience of key influencers.

Get your message in front of the right patient influencers. Click here to learn more about key influencer marketing, or get a free consultation today.

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