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Do you want to be successful at raising start-up or growth capital? 

Health Innovators Investor Communications
  • Tell a complete story.
  • A complete story will converge consumer needs with investor needs.
  • A powerful story can describe the target customer's problem in a way that engages the heart and mind, and effectively changes the behaviors of your audience.
  • A story can make a complex business or technical issue much easier to understand at a deeper level, even by a layperson.
  • Use storytelling as a competitive advantage.

Communicate your full story to align needs, numbers, strategies, projections, and performance through a framework that demonstrates you fully understand how your brand meets real-world market needs and supports investor goals.

Persuade investors with communications that demonstrate:Health Innovators Investor Communications_02

  • Who and what your company stands for
  • What is your core value proposition(s)
  • The “why” behind your brand – why consumers want to buy, and why investors want to invest
  • Your financial strength
  • Your management depth
  • How these elements support and drive your numbers, and grow your business

Let Legacy DNA help infuse storytelling into your investor communications strategies. For years, we’ve helped healthcare businesses share their innovation stories with investors through communications that engage, enlighten, and empower stakeholder alignment.

We do this through:

  • Business plan development
  • Brand story development
  • Message mapping
  • Comprehensive pitch decks & interactive investor videos

Persuade investors with the art and science of storytelling. Click here to learn more or get a free consultation today.

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