Discover How Therigy Moved from Ad-Hoc Tactics to Strategies Based on Marketing Science and Best Practices

A Journey to Better Marketing

This specialty pharmacy consulting and technology company was experiencing the classic symptoms of a once-small company suffering from big growing pains, and declining sales in the increasingly competitive specialty pharmacy technology market.  Their leadership team knew that its traditional marketing approach desperately needed reevaluation. That’s when they engaged the specialty pharmacy marketing experts at Legacy DNA.

In this success story, you'll discover how Therigy:
  • Gained 300+ new leads from 92 unique companies all through one campaign
  • Implemented marketing strategies the started with "why" and embraced the consumer's "what's in it for you" (WIFFY)
  • Elevated its sales presentation and script to focus on how Therigy solved the buyer's problems and served as a training tool for new hires 
  • Built content and an automated lead nurturing workflows to nurture leads at each phase of the buying cycle
Client Success Story - Therigy.png