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The Beauty of Rapid Cycle Innovation w/Jeff Gasser


Running a business can feel a lot like raising a child: anything can happen. What are some of the key decisions we can make in order to be more adaptable to shifts and changes? Why is saving money in the early stage of a company so important? How can rapid cycle innovation influence our success?

On this episode, Deerwalk CEO Jeff Gasser shares how he turned his health innovation into what Amazon health considers one of the best life science companies in the country.

He’ll walk us through his key entrepreneurial do’s and don’ts, the need for a minimum viable product, and capital-raising myths. He also shares on building lifelong business and customer relationships and how each innovation you commercialize is building the legacy for your next one.

"Every relationship you’re building is not for what you’re doing at the moment. It’s an asset you retain for the rest of your life." -Jeff Gasser

3 Things You'll Learn

  • How to be efficient with product strategies
  • Why critical customers are actually a good thing
  • The importance of finding early adopters

Running a business comes with many phases and challenges, and you need to be ready to pivot and shift accordingly. Having an ego and being too focused on your specific plan gets in the way of your success. The important thing is creating what people actually want and care about, and understanding how you’re going to distribute the product.

Instead of over-developing a product, focus on very small, incremental and agile product roll-outs. That way, your company moves fast and can react to market forces more readily.


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Guest Bio
Jeff Gasser is the CEO and co-founder of Deerwalk, a Population Health Management, Data Management, and Healthcare Analytics software solution that Amazon Health considers as one of the top 60 life science and healthcare midmarket companies in the country, today. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email

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