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2016 Consumerism and Healthcare Mashups: Creative Partnerships

Author: Roxie Mooney Date: February 23, 2016 Comments (0)

Mashups aren’t only for music fans or foodies. They’re for fans of healthcare, too.

Mashups combine unlikely ingredients that result in super creations that resonate with new, formidable markets. Like chocolate and peanut butter, or chicken and waffles, healthcare and technology companies are partnering to deliver super solutions to make healthcare, wellness, treatment and recovery more palatable and accessible to more consumer niches than ever before.

View the infographic below or download it here to see the hottest healthcare tech mashups of 2016, and how they are appealing to consumers and investors in ways we’ve never imagined! For the healthcare markets, these partnerships are music to our ears!

About the Author
Roxie Mooney
Roxie Mooney is the Founder and President of Legacy DNA Marketing Group, an Aster and FHSPRM award-winning marketing firm that offers the highest level of personal and creative strategic planning and development for healthcare brands, products and services.

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Experienced in business strategy, digital health marketing and communications, and leadership, Roxie has a passion for helping clients drive growth, revenue, and innovation in healthcare.

She has over 15 years of marketing experience and known by many as a trusted advisor. Her insatiable curiosity and deep love for learning has led her to achieve a BA in Organizational Communication, a MS in Organizational Leadership, and she is completing a Doctor of Business Administration (Marketing Specialization). Roxie applies this deep knowledge and understanding of current theory and practice to helping clients solve real business problems, build sustainable businesses, and leave lasting, meaningful legacies.

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On February 23, 2016

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